our story

Almost 20 years ago, the love of travel and style inspired us to create a specialized gathering place for like-minded people. We carefully selected experts in the fields of luxury travel, distinctive experiences & fine dining, and established a hub of ideas and inspirations for discerning travelers

The art of travel is a unique combination of passion and knowledge. That is why we believe that the personalization of service, the authenticity of experience, and handpicked selection of luxury hotels and resorts are what make each trip an unforgettable memory. Bringing closer the refinement and luxury of the world of travel to clients is one of our key inspirations. Just as our name says, we provide exclusive insights that will make your journey stand out.


As we grew, our interest and expertise broadened to design, art, and communication. We are proud to say that we connect the masters of style, design, and knowledge into an exclusive group of members. Together, we deliver value and create uniqueness in fields that exude style. Our carefully curated collection of lifestyle recommendations unites luxury brands with lovers of finer things in life.


With more than 20 years of experience in luxury travel industry Vili has long-standing relationships with leading luxury travel brands worldwide. She is the creator and CEO of Travel House, founded 1999 and Dertour Belgrade, founded 2006 (part of DER TOURISTIK Group), the first full-service travel companies in South East Europe designing tailor made trips for discerning travelers from the region.


We’ve gathered connoisseurs from different fields who share a passion for luxury products and united them in a team. The travelers, innovators, organizers, designers, marketers, all of them under one roof. The artisans who believe that creativity is intelligence having fun, as Albert Einstein once said. Travel advisors who explored the world and its finest treasures. Seekers of new trends and designers of experiences. Most of all, our connoisseurs strive to inspire new ideas. Whether it’s a new hotel or brand communication, our team of dedicated experts is here to help you achieve any goal.